Let's change the world one case at a time.

For each case sold, $10 will be donated to a Quebec foundation. Contribute while showing your support for the cause.

Show your support everywhere.

In your favorite restaurant, at home or among friends, be proud to show your support.

Always for a good cause :)

Thanks to you, more than $16,000 has been raised so far.


"The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada is proud to be part of this creative and innovative project. Together, let's change the world one case at a time! "

by Claudia Ouimet - Communications Coordinator / The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

"This project is a response to a practical need, but most of all, to people who are proud to proudly display their values. The cases are already raging with recipients, host families, donors and employees! "

by Sara Pontbriand - Manager, Communications and Branding / Fondation Mira

Have an idea, develop and concretize it; this is the challenge Nicolas Saint-Germain brilliantly took up with his "Cases for Life". The Fondation les petits trésors loves the project, especially since it gives back to the next one. Each case sold allows a little treasure to go one step further, and to show him that anything can be possible! Thank you Nicolas, and thank you to each of you for being concerned about the mental health of our children.

by Sylvie Lauzon - General Manager / Fondation les petits trésors